Discover Woodstock's most efficient construction supply source!

Air, Staples & Nails has become North Georgia's most preferred hardware supply store for local contractors!

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You have just discovered one of metro-Atlanta's best kept secrets in the construction supply industry, Air, Staples and Nails!
We are located just north of Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia.  We have been selling almost everything contractors need for over 30 years,  including: Power Tools, Hardware, Building Supplies, Nails, Staples, Air Compressors, Saws, Tool Repair, and a whole lot more!

"Find it in 5 minutes!"

Are you tired of taking an hour or more of your valuable time, just to find the most basic construction supplies at the big stores? 
Our motto is simple:  "Find It In 5!"  We are very confident that you will find what you need in 5 minutes or less.  Time is money and lost time is lost revenue. You cannot afford that in today's economy.

Air, Staples and Nails is the perfect solution to save you both time and money!

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